Letters of Recommendation

A special THANK YOU to all my customers who took the time out of their busy schedule to write letters of recommendation.

I have known Beverly Hardy for over 20 years. We would like to give our recommendation and praise to Beverly Hardy, owner of No Worries Pet Sitting. There is no question of Beverly's trustworthiest and her love of animals.  She is an exceptional caretaker and trainer of both large and small animals. She is not only an exceptional caretaker and trainer but knowledgeable, reliable, efficient and devoted. She is available to work around my schedule on short notice. She demonstrates enormous love and compassion for all animals.Her rates are very reasonable for the services she provides. She is not your average pet sitter. She will do whatever you ask of her whether it be taking your dog for a two hour walk through the woods or taking them horseback riding. Animals love Beverly.
Charlie Sims, DVM
Karen Sims

I have known Beverly Hardy for almost 5 years. In that time, I have noticed that she is caring and devoted to her animals and to others around her. She is knowledgeable in animal husbandry as she continuously educates herself. She has attended many training clinics and courses over the years simply for self-enrichment.  She has assisted me with veterinary procedures in emergency situations and is very capable handling those situations.  I would highly recommend Beverly Hardy.

Hope Lucas, DVM

I have known Beverly Hardy for over 15 years she is extremely compassionate, dependable, honest, and  a conscientious pet owner. She cares for other people's pets as she would her own. She owns horses, dogs, cats and a bird. She truly cares about animals and their well being. I would trust her to come in my home and care for my animals. She understands animals and their needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a pet sitter.

Claude Kidd, DVM

I have known Beverly Hardy for over five years and during this time I have observed the dedication, loyalty and sensitivity that she has for our four legged friends.  Whether it be a dog or a horse she is always the first to advocate for the animal in terms of their care, well-being and attention.  She genuinely gets the greatest of joy when caring for an animal.  She has demonstrated to all of those that have used her services her reliability, consistency and talents when it comes to caring for our pets. 

Hilary Kosloske

As a pet owner who is way too attached to his dog, I enthusiastically recommend Beverly Hardy as a conscientious and caring pet sitter. I know that she will care for Goldie as I would. I am more comfortable leaving Goldie with Beverly that at a large kennel, because Beverly really relates to each animal individually. I know this because she frequently brings dogs she is keeping to walk with Goldie and me, and I observe the way she learns the personality quirks of each one. Every dog she keeps forms a bond with her. When I leave Goldie, it is important for me to know that more than her physical needs will be satisfied.  The affection that she receives from Beverly makes her separation from me less stressful.

Mike Garton  Browns Summit, NC 27214

No WORRIES is absolutely the right name for Beverly’s company.  We have 4 peekapoos and 2 cats to worry about when we travel or need help.  Beverly has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Her love for animals is displayed and exudes from her.  Our animals are our  babies and I trust them completely to her care.   The services she provides go above and beyond.  She was so sweet the first time she took care of them by sending me text messages and pictures.  That does not happen with other companies I have used.  Trust worthy and loyal in all kinds of weather!  NO WORRIES is awesome and I would highly recommend their services for your loved one!  Book in advance we keep her busy.  Our BABIES love her!

Patty Toler

I wanted to thank you for the care you gave my animals when I was away. I had peace of mind my animals were being well cared for and could concentrate on the matters at hand.
I really appreciate you teaching Wolf to heel while walking. I did not think it was possible. He is so easy to walk now I don't even need a leash. Wolf also enjoyed the long walks through the woods and playing with the other dogs. He did not want to come home.I could not have trusted just anyone to come to my house in the snow to care for my horses. I know it is not easy to get Saint to take the wormer. I also wanted to thank you for showing me how to give my horses their shots. I will gladly recommend “No Worries Pet Setting” to all my friends and family.
Thank you again,
Alice Jenkins
Gibsonville, NC  27249

I first became acquainted with Beverly Hardy at the Bark Park at Country Park in Greensboro about 5 years ago.  I was impressed with the way she handled her own dogs (2 rescued Huskies) and with the way she interacted with other dogs there. Beverly is very warm and friendly, and she soon became friends with those of us who are “regulars” at the park. As we got to know her, we learned that she had begun “No Worries Pet Sitting,” and that, in addition to the Huskies, she is “mom” to two horses and several Yorkies. I have hired Beverly numerous times to care for my two rescued Black Labs when I have needed to be out of town. Since I prefer to have my dogs in their own home when I am gone, I have asked her to come to my home 4 times a day. When Beverly comes, she doesn’t just take them out, feed them, and leave, she spends time giving them love and attention. She is attentive to their needs and very observant. She does not hesitate to contact me if she feels something might be not quite right, or if she has a question. Beverly welcomes my calls to check on my “babies,” and she often sends photos to the owners of pets she cares for. I trust Beverly enough to have given her a key to my home, and, since I met her, I’ve not used anyone else to care for my dogs.
Although I prefer in-home care, Beverly will also care for pets in her own home. She has a fenced yard and the space and provisions to care for them there. I know several friends who have happily utilized this service, too.
Beverly is responsible, caring, and knowledgeable. I hope you will give her the opportunity to take care of your pets, too.
Linda Smith Fields
Lake Jeanette, Greensboro, NC

We have used No Worries for our pet care needs for several years.  Beverly is so dependable and flexible that we are spoiled and would never use anyone else.  We can leave town for any length of time and know that our dogs, Liza and George, are receiving the best care possible.  George is elderly and blind, so he does better at home.  Beverly comes to our home three times a day to feed him and take him outside. Liza is a young lab who likes to play outside unless it's raining or dark.  Beverly will pick up Liza on nice days and she plays in Beverly's backyard all day.  She brings her home to feed her at dinner time, then comes back late in the evening to let her out again before bed.  On rainy days she leaves her at our home, and comes three or four times a day to take her out, feed her and spend a little time playing with her.  Not only does Beverly care for our dogs when we are on vacation, or away for a weekend; she provides the same care once every week when I am just gone for the day to visit my mother. You will never find more personalized pet care at such a reasonable price.  I recommend No Worries to anyone with any number of pets with any specific needs.  Beverly will tailor your pet's care to suit your particular requirements. You simply can not ask for more than that!

Jill Atwell

We have known Beverly for over 20 years. We unequivocally trust her with our pet. We trust her so much we gave her a key to our home. She is one of those hard-working, honest people that are few and far between these days. Beverly understands animals. They really relate to her on another level. Fluffy is always excited to see her. She knows his likes and dislikes. When we return from vacation we can tell Fluffy is happy and has been well cared for. We do not have to worry while we are gone knowing our pet is safe. We are very blessed to know Beverly, and would recommend her to anyone. We will never use another pet sitter.

Jimmy&MaryLou Mooney

I highly recommend Beverly Hardy and her business, No Worries Pet Sitting, to anyone in search of a high-quality, professional, and reliable pet sitting service. I have been a loyal patron of No Worries pet sitting for over two years, and Beverly has been walking my dog and providing doggie daycare services for my dog on a weekly basis since 2012.

Over the past two years, I have been very impressed with the attention to detail, flexibility, and reliability of No Worries Pet Sitting. On many occasions, I have contacted Beverly with less than 24 hours’ notice, requesting next-day doggie daycare or dog-walking services. She always responds within a few hours, and Beverly regularly adjusts her schedule to accommodate the daycare service or walk that Ellie needs. The flexibility of No Worries Pet Sitting helps me manage a busy work schedule.

When I am working overtime and Ellie is at No Worries doggie daycare, I am completely confident that Ellie is getting the attention, interaction, and affection she needs and deserves.

My mind is at ease when Ellie is under Beverly’s care. When I traveled to California this year, Beverly sent me daily pictures via text message to show me that my pet was having fun and enjoying her home away from home. Simple and genuinely caring gestures, such as sending photos to pet ownersvia email or text message, set No Worries apart from other pet sitting services. At No Worries, each pet is cared for with the same level of love and attention that Beverly shows to her own dogs: Ken,Kenya, Rocket, and Rivers.

Beverly Hardy’s company, No Worries Pet Sitting, is one of the premier pet sitting services in the Triad area. Beverly’s has wealth of knowledge about dogs and years of experience caring for pets make No Worries an ideal choice for anyone who needs a boarding, dog walking, or doggie daycare provider. I highly recommend Beverly’s pet sitting business and would be happy to answer any additional questions regarding my excellent experiences as a customer of No Worries’ Pet Sitting.


Abigail Drost & Ellie

Beverly has taken care of our cat twice now. Both times my wife and I were very satisfied. Beverly is very professional with a down home touch. She has even sent pictures of our cat during our time away so we knew she was okay. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone that cares and is trustworthy.

P. Farrow
Browns Summit, NC

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