Cortez Kenya Driving Lacy&Precious going for a ride
Cortez loves to pay soccer. Kenya serious about learning to drive. Enjoying a ride to petsmart.
Going Shopping Stevie PTB
Cortez can't get enough shopping. Stevie and Cortez enjoying playing at daycare.

Just taking in the sun.

Going for a walk Give me that ball Goldie
Going for a walk. Give me that ball. I'm having so much fun walking around the lake.
Ellie Do you see I can dance FourWindow
Nap time. Do you see I can dance. Hurry we are ready to walk.
Austin Puppy Gracie
Put that camera down. Yes I know you love my blue eyes. Just call me queen.
CL MorningWalk BP
He did it.

Morning walk with all four babies.

Fun at the Bark Park
TuckerEllie CruiseKen DogHouse
I love you big brother. You go ahead Ken, I'm tired. Why stay in the dog house when you can sit on top of it.
Life doesn't get any better than this.
What is that in my yard?
If I could only get this feed muzzle off.
A sheet on my chair, I'll just get under it.
I'm a year old, stop calling me a puppy!
This is the only way to drink.